5 Ways to Work Smarter This Semester

With school getting back into gear, we realize just how valuable every minute of the day can be, especially when you have to sit in on classes that can be a total time-suck.

Good time management is the difference between smooth sailing and total chaos. Below are five ways to help you save time and accomplish more in the day. I want you to try at least one of these today!

1. The Morning Workout

This is a no brainer in my mind, but sometimes very hard to do. Wake up early and go for a run or a nice workout. By the time you get to your desk you are ready to go. I am well aware that sleep is much needed in the world of being an entrepreneur (and student!), but even if it comes to waking up 30 minutes earlier you will see a direct impact on the quality and quantity of the work you’ll produce from it.


2. Time Boxing

I learned this one from something I read in school. It is a simple but powerful way to get a lot done in a compressed amount of time. Essentially once you start your day, plan out what you need to accomplish and then prioritize it. Associate a time period in which you want to accomplish each task (try to limit yourself to a one hour maximum or you’ll lose focus) and jump to the next. This allows you to accomplish more in your day, faster. If you do not finish a task then you can go back to it after you finish your list.

3. Ergo Breaks

This has saved me from losing my mind at my desk many times. Take a break after working for a few hours. You need to relax and focus on something that requires very little brain power from time to time. Maybe it’s taking a walk around the office (or your dog) or reading up on the news of the day. Those few minutes you spend on something other than work will pay off later in your day.

4. The 80/20 Rule

We have all heard of this, but how many of us actually put it into action? Things will never be perfect, but if you are able to get 80% there in half the time it’ll take you to get to that full 100% perfection, then you need to move on. It is ok if something is “good enough”. Many times if you are 100% on something it is too late and the opportunity is no longer there. Always do good work and know when its time to shift your focus.

5. Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Task List

This is something you will have to continuously update but can help keep track of your accomplishments. Simply knowing what you have done and what you have left to do will force you to be efficient with your time. It can be as simple as a sticky note on your desk to be a constant reminder.

There’s tons of tricks you can use to make time management this semester a breeze. What are your favorite time saving hacks? Share yours and find tricks from other SPUR students in our community HERE

Why asking for help makes you a startup rockstar

Image: you’re on a stage, with the spotlight shining on your super suave outfit and a crowd of hungry eyes laser-focused on you. You’re getting recognized for your booming business that has the whole world buzzing. You are a startup rock star.


Most of us have had this daydream before. Want in on a something not-so-secret? You have what it takes to get there with the help of the right people.

Okay, truth time. Have you ever discouraged help from others?  Sometimes the internal bragging rights to feel like the next Chance The Rapper makes too many entrepreneurs too proud to ask for help.


Reality check! There is not ONE successful business person that has never openly searched for criticism. They all asked questions and utilized their networks to get as much feedback as possible. The very process of refining your idea and making progress is based solely on the input and help of others. So not only is it totally okay to ask for help, it is ESSENTIAL to do if you ever want to make progress on your business.

The badass musicians we see on our screens today have all, at some point, gotten input from friends on songs, had a team produce their music, and another team to prepare their press and concerts. So what looks like a one-man band killin’ the show, is actually more like this:


Sometimes it’s a little intimidating, but everyone gets stage fright… Getting better takes practice, and every rocker knows that. The best way to get help is to simply speak up and ask around for what you need. Be forward and you’ll find you get put in touch with the right people. You will be surprised what resources are right under your nose if you opened up and got a little out of your comfort zone.


Still need help with something? Join our free mentorship community HERE and tell us what you need. We’ll help you navigate the best way forward.