7 things holding you back

We are all guilty of not maximizing our potential in some way. Take a look at the list below and think about how you can make yourself more productive in your startup/job and in your everyday life. Remember to keep winning and staying competitive in whatever you do. Do not let anything hold you back.

7 Things Holding You Back (and how to reach your full potential)

  1. Using simple words in emails

    When emailing people, it is important to be direct and to the point. Using filler words does not add value to the message, rather, it is viewed as clutter. Using “but” invalidates everything you said in the statement before and the word “just” is seen as validating your statement to yourself. Take a look at the next email you write and be conscious of where you use these words. This is a great start to writing more succinctly.

  2. Too responsive to email

    Most emails are not time critical. If you cannot answer an email in less than 2 minutes, and you are busy, come back to it. A key thing I have learned is if it truly is important you will receive a follow up.

  3. Doing what is required

    There are base things you have to do in order to get the job done. Do those. However, there is so much more you can expand on. The best ideas come out of digging a little deeper into something. You will impress yourself with how much you can accomplish and learn.

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  4. Not valuing your time or others

    Make it a point to be on time and start things at exact times (a 2:30 meeting means 2:30 NOT 2:32 or 2:35), no more waiting on others that are late without anything said. If you make it a point to be on time, others will follow. This will create a sense of leadership.

  5. Overanalyzing situations

    This is inefficient and limits the amount of work that can get done. If you have all the information in front of you and you understand it, do not walk away without making a decision. The material will never be fresher on your mind than it is in that moment.

  6. Staying silent in a meeting

    I know that when you are in a room with older and “wiser” people you may feel intimidated, forget about that. You need to make an impact and staying silent will not help your cause. Have ideas and share them, it is your job to get noticed by the more experienced and ultimately your fault if you are not.

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  7. Ignoring others

    I see this every day in the hall or in meetings. Some people feel like they are better than others. And you know what, that is ok. Do not let that be you. You can learn so much from small interactions with people. I mentioned this before in a previous post, a simple Good Morning can really go a long way. New relationships cannot form unless you interact with others.


-Jeff B.