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Maggie Barton


As a Co-Founder of SPURstartup, Maggie leads strategy, operations, curriculum & business development. She brings diverse business aptitude from her degree in entrepreneurship & her previous work at a variety of companies from a hedge fund to a career website to a global fashion brand. When Maggie isn’t in front of her laptop, she can be found painting, planning her next travel adventure, or bookmarking her favorite pages in Vanity Fair.

Jonathan Schick


As the other Co-Founder of SPURstartup, Jon directs all things tech, design and branding. He brings design
thinking strategy from his degrees in entrepreneurship & design and entrepreneurial experience from his work
on multiple university startup teams, from robotic surgical equipment to spider-silk hiking gear (!). In his
spare time, you can find Jon teaching himself to play a new instrument, planning his next outdoor adventure,
or listening to Frank Sinatra.

Jeff Bissinger


Jeff graduated from the University of Oklahoma with majors in Finance and Entrepreneurship in 2015. He has diverse experience in working with finance, as he has worked in financial functions at a variety of
different companies including ExxonMobil where he has started his career. While not working Jeff will either be out running, exploring every restaurant in Houston, or catching up on some reading. He has a drive for entrepreneurship and enjoys helping others succeed.

Nicholas Ryan


My name is Nicholas Ryan I was born in Australia, and since then have lived in many other countries. I just graduated high school last year and am currently starting my own business. I have decided to take a different path then most when graduating school, instead of going straight to college, I jetted of to the US and worked for a private equity company to gain real life knowledge in the work place. Since returning my passion for business has grown and I am using the knowledge I gained to create my own business and help others around me. In my spare time I love to play sport and hang out with friends.

David Richardson

Director of Strategic Marketing, Spire

David has been in the branding/marketing space for over 8 years now working with B2B and B2C brands. Although he’s typically dressed professional, he doesn’t shy away from a good beer and burger. David loves helping companies solve problems; especially problems around beer and burgers.

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