TRUSTFALL: 3 ways to build your company around trust

Trust is arguably the most valuable business commodity. It takes time to earn and only seconds to loose. Transparency in the way you work is one of the most important aspects of business and ultimately leads to failure if not done properly. Why? When trust is earned in your business, relationships flourish and opportunities come faster.

You don’t have to be a shrink to integrate trust into your startup. Here are three easy ways to make sure trust is the backbone of your team.


  1. Be loyal to each other. Startups have enough obstacles to get through and your team should not be one of them. Failure will happen, learn from it together and move on.
  2. Make your office a judge-free zone. Ask why something is the way it is before making assumptions.  It keeps innovation going and allows for growth.
  3. If you see a problem, handle it. Build your team around trust by having each other’s backs at all times. Get things done even if it is “not your job.” 


I have witnessed all of these first hand at one point in the various jobs I have had. Let it be someone looking to get ahead at the expense of someone else, seeing a situation and assuming the worst, or being challenged with a problem and avoiding it all together. It takes the action of one person to make a difference and lead by example, but it takes a team to excel and create trust with each other to find opportunities that will grow the business.


When trust is built within the team, relationships can expand and opportunities with others begin to open up. Connections with fellow entrepreneurs and customers culminate and enable your team to find answers to the questions you did not know you had.


Entrepreneurship is like a game and you can think of your startup like a puzzle. If trust is not there, pieces will be missing, the picture is not clear, and you find there are holes in your business. Without trust, your startup will never have a chance. Trust is the binding glue needed to help a business grow, let it be big or small.