The Founder’s Journal

Turning Mindfulness into Measurable Insights

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Capture your startup journey. The Founder’s Journal lets you visualize your progress, stay focused on the positive, and track just how much you are growing.

  •  Intention: Work with more purpose and direction
  •  Insight: Discover how you work and where to improve
  •  Inspiration: Wake up more creative every day

One of the best (and cheapest) investments you’ll ever make in yourself. Before you know it you’ll have months of data to see how your methodology and technique has changed during your journey as an innovator. 

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Your roadmap for what’s next: Clarify and prioritize what you want to concentrate on next and analyze where you are right now.
— Jonathan Schick Barton, Co-Founder
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What Makes Us Different? 

Measurable Insights about How You Work


Most journals just have you throw words onto paper for strictly therapeutic reasons. We are not that kind of journal. Instead, we turn those words into meaningful, measurable insights. Our methodology helps you measure the impact of your work on a daily, weekly , monthly, & quarterly basis using different graphs & charts, and yes, weekends are included because we know you work around the clock.

Key Features

  • Facebook Support Group
  • Simple, Structured Format
  • Undated--So You Can Start Anytime  
  • Attitude Graph
  • Weekends Included
  • 6 Months-284 Pages
  • Weekly, Monthly, & Quarterly: Goal Planning
  • Weekly, Monthly, & Quarterly Check In’s
  • Daily Motivational Quotes
  • Weekly Challenges
  • Weekly & Monthly Charts to Track Work Impact
  • Gratitude Journal
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly, & Quarterly Prompts

BONUS: Facebook Group

When you invest in The Founder’s Journal, you’ll get access to our Facebook groupwhere you can engage with other incredible people who are looking to offer support and guidance.

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Is the Founder’s Journal for me?

Have you ever made the same mistake twice because you weren’t being mindful of the past?

Do you get feel like you are struggling to persevere and find yourself focusing on the negatives?

Ever feel swamped at the end of the week, look back, and feel like you’ve gotten nowhere?

Do you want to learn from your own experiences, instead of learning from everyone else’s? 

If you’ve said ‘YES’ to any of these questions, The Founder’s Journal is for you! 

The simplest way to…

Do more meaningful work.

Become your own teacher. 

Learn by doing.

Capture your startup story.

Stay motivated & persevere.

Focus on the positive.

Decrease anxiety and prevent depression.

Reap the benefits of mindfulness...

(better sleep, boosted the immune system, happier life).

A journal for people who don’t have time to journal. 

The simple, structured format can be completed in just minutes a day.

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A Note From The Creators


Ever feel swamped at the end of the week, look back, and feel like you’ve gotten nowhere? Yeah, us too. Entrepreneurs have a natural tendency to feel like if we aren’t doing something, we’re making a mistake. But then we get burnt out from constantly working and wasting energy on tasks that don’t move the needle in our businesses. Too frequently, wind up realizing we’re going in the wrong direction after making careless mistakes. The damage has already been done. 

The Founder’s Journal was created to help you avoid making careless mistakes, stay motivated, and have a visual representation of all that you are accomplishing on both a career and personal level. Not to mention, prevent burn-out. We came up with a process entrepreneurs actually enjoy doing everyday. We are so confident in our product that if you aren’t satisfied, just send it back and we’ll provide a refund.


Thank you!

Jonathan & Maggie Barton