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You DESERVE to work for your dreams, not for someone else’s.

Spur teaches real life business, startup, and freelancing skills to get you on your dream path.


The Founders Journal 

Turning Mindfulness into Meaningful Insights

Capture your startup journey. The Founder’s Journal lets you visualize your progress, stay focused on the positive, and track just how much you are growing.

  •  Intention: Work with more purpose and direction
  •  Insight: Discover how you work and where to improve
  •  Inspiration: Wake up more creative every day

One of the best (and cheapest) investments you’ll ever make in yourself. Before you know it you’ll have months of data to see how your methodology and technique has changed during your journey as an innovator. 

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6 Page Idea Blueprint Guide & Worksheet

Seamlessly turn your scattered ideas into one, fleshed out concept.

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Affordable Online Classes

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Take innovative online classes and learn essential startup skills

Private  Learning Community

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Ask questions and get feedback from experts and other entrepreneurs.


Learn at your own pace, collaborate and thrive with others.

When you take a course on Spur, you aren’t just getting cutting edge education. your getting tools to equip you on your journey and arm you to learn by doing. The best part? All of our classes are priced at less than $100.

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“You’ve got big dreams, so do we. Let’s conquer them together.”

— Maggie Barton, Co-Founder



Tram-Anh Le

“Spur Startup has been extremely wonderful to me by providing constant accessibility to answers. I never felt unsure or discouraged about continuing because Spur Startup was there every step of the way!"


John Mullin

“We at CityMixr love Spur Startup! Thank you to Maggie and Jonathan for all of the guidance and motivation you’ve provided our team. Highly recommend to all new startups to work with Spur Startup.


Ashton Kennedy

“The platform has been a great tool in getting the word out about what we’re trying to achieve, as well as a huge motivator in diving head first into defining our company and producing our first content and products."

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The Founders



As a Co-Founder of Spur Startup, Maggie leads strategy, operations, curriculum & business development. 



As the other Co-Founder of Spur Startup, Jon directs all things tech, design and branding.