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"Create opportunities for dreamers to become doers
and equip the brightest minds with what they need,
regardless of their access to resources."


"SPURstartup has been extremely wonderful to me by providing constant accessibility to answers. I never felt unsure or discouraged about continuing because SPURstartup was there every step of the way!"
Tram-Anh Le, Founder of IcingAid & Tram-Anh's Treats
"The platform has been a great tool in getting the word out about what we're trying to achieve, as well as a huge motivator in diving head first into defining our company and producing our first content
and products." Ashton Kennedy, Co-Founder of ConverseVR


Mirror Fogging

The first few years of starting a business have been a roller coaster for me. My biggest question that has yet to be totally...

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