Productivity Hacking: 3 Reads to Get Yourself in Check


Productivity Hacking: 3 Reads to Get Yourself in Check

If you feel like your to-do list is getting out of control, and you need to get yourself under control… you’re in the right place.

You see, starting up any project at first is more than just making a list, checking it twice, and getting it done. You’re also juggling the bazillion things in life that are being thrown your way. (You know, like that that 10 page thesis that your professor decided was a good idea to casually assign last week.)

Well hear the good news my friends. This feeling of overwhelm & disorganization is NORMAL.

I know what you’re thinking….”What? I thought every stellar entrepreneur had their ish together. All the time.” I know! So did I!

Then I started to realize that no one in this business really knows what they’re doing. They’re just good at trial and error (and, MOST importantly, bouncing back).

What you need to do is stop panicking for 5 minutes and start flexing those productivity muscles of yours. Got a messy dorm room workplace that’s stifling your creative flow? Clean it. Don’t have a calendar to maximize your time management? Get one.

Realize it’s time to organize!!

Here are some of my favorite reads when I need a reality check to get organized and max out my productivity:

12 Tips for a Wildly Productive Home Office

This article is packed with tools you need to function with the small amount of square footage you probably have available to you. SIDE NOTE: Ask your Landlord before you decide to dry-erase paint your walls.

8 Ways to Maintain A Leaner Schedule

Being a lean, mean, fighting machine doesn’t just apply in boxing. Keeping your schedule lean is part of a healthy calender diet. Here’s how to cut through the chaos and find more time in your schedule.

 10 Tools to Maximize Your Productivity

This is a must read packed with straight up time hacks. Check it out if you’re looking for apps and techniques to keep you from having goldfish syndrome. Wait, what were we just talking about? Yeah, I need to read this, too.

Happy time hacking!
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