Easy Ways Busy Entrepreneurs Can Be More Mindful

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Being mindful is something anyone can do. Experiencing the present moment without judgement can be very healthy for your body and mind. It allows you to control emotions, gain perspective, and appreciate life the insane journey that it is.

Especially in a startup lifestyle, everything can be high pace & high pressure. It become easy to let go of taking care of your mind and body because you just want to work, work, work! With this mindset, it becomes nearly impossible to enjoy the journey, or even remember it, and the chances of giving up go up.  Here are some ways to practice mindfulness and bring more balance to your life:

  1. Meditate--anywhere

    Take a break from staring at your screen or smashing your head in the keyboard. Let everything around you melt away and acknowledge what you are experiencing. It’s easier than you think!  Does your neck hurt from being at a desk all day? Are your legs falling asleep from being in an uncomfortable chair? Let these acknowledgements come and go and you will see that when you finish your session your mind will be clearer and you will feel a new energy to work! Still skeptical about meditating? Click here to discover a common misconception of meditating. 
  2. Take walks

    Sometimes we need to get out of your bubble and see what someone else is working on, or go outside; notice your environment. When you walk, think about everything your body feels. The pressure on your feet, the tightness of your limbs, the way it feels when you breath in air. These moments of perspective will bring allow you to see your ideas differently when you get back.
  3. Listen to others without distraction

    Have you ever sat to chat with someone over coffee but you were thinking about what is left of that presentation you have to build for a meeting? Yeah, that’s not listening. Why are you even with that person if you aren’t going to give them attention. Be mindful that this human in front of you is more important than any pixel on a screen. And who knows, they might give you some inspiration!
  4. Pause when your world is buzzing

    This sort of goes with meditating or talking a walk, but it goes to show that you don’t have to go anywhere to be mindful. Maybe take your hands off the keyboard for a minute and look around your desk. Close your eyes. Let the anxiety to finish something fizzle down and allow yourself to take a moment for yourself.
  5. In your eating

    We all love to eat! Whether it’s celebrating a birthday or a Friday night, I know I sure can scarf things down. When you eat mindfully, however, you savor the flava, notice the textures, the person you are eating with (or even if you are eating alone, notice the atmosphere around you).
  6. Journal

    Do you ever feel like your mind is clouded with buzzing thoughts? All the time, like a grey, fuzzy cloud. The best way to unravel all of this is to get it out. Transfer the energy in your brain to the pen in your hand and write your thoughts, ideas, feelings, experiences. In doing so, you are also reflecting on these moments of your life. This is a big part of being mindful.

This are all things we can do DAILY that make us more mindful. But as anything else, baby steps are better than nothing. Begin by doing each of these at least once a week and begin increasing the frequency.

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