3 top criteria investors look for and what you can do about it.


You might think that investors are key to starting your business. In fact, sometimes you feel like your very existence is dependent on finding one.

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The truth is, you need to start your business before you get an investor. Think about it! Investors want to invest in something that will grow their wealth. Sure your idea might be the best thing since Snapchat, but you have to prove it. 

There are three criteria most investors look for when they’re analyzing a startup opportunity:

  1. That you have a killer idea
  2. There is a market for your idea- AKA people will pay for it
  3. That you are a talented entrepreneur

Combined, what do all three of these criteria prove? That a startup can make money and generate CASH. And how do you get cash? Sales. Here's the ugly truth: To get most investors attention, you have to show sales first.


Every investor I spoke to about starting SPUR said the same thing: 'Come back when you have some sales.' I thought, ‘How!? You’re asking me to create something out of nothing!’ 

I know that you’re thinking the same thing as I was, ‘I don’t have a product to sell. What now? How can I find an investor?’ I have one word for you: CROWDFUNDING

Crowdfunding lets you raise cash from your social networks that are packed full of people who are passionate about you and your project. But here’s why crowdfunding is perfect for you: it helps you find an investor. Running a successful campaign proves to investors you meet the three criteria I outlined earlier. In addition to finding an investor, crowdfunding unlocks a ton of benefits and insights that every successful entrepreneur needs to know and we are here to help you reap the rewards.

Not only can you raise money on our site, we'll help you do it, too. In Startup School, we’ll walk you through the entire process to help you get funded and launch your dream business. 


With our help, you'll be cashing out in no time. 


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