NO EXCUSES: 5 ways to find opportunities, maximize resources, and MAKE things HAPPEN


Finally! School is out and you are ready to let all the knowledge you’ve just spent two semesters obtaining, pour out of your brain and lock itself in a drawer for 3 months. BUT WAIT. Summer is actually the best time work on your startup because a) you no longer have to worry about maintaining grades and learning other people’s work and b) you get to make your own schedule and learn things for YOU.

We really believe in utilizing this time to progress on your startup and truly figure out the needs and hows of your business. So here are a few resources that are great for doing just that!

  1. Your Network Firstly, you already have resources at your fingertips! Professors, mentors, friends, family, that guy you met at a workshop, two heads are better than one! Never be a afraid to reach out to someone for a little advice or even just to run some of your ideas by. Another person’s perspective provides clarity and may even spark inspiration.
  2. MeetUp Don’t feel like you have a strong network? Never connect to professors during the year (you should!)? This page is AWESOME for meeting up with like-minds and helpful resources in your area. Join groups such as “ Rock Climbers”, “Robot Fighting”, “Dallas Foodies”, or anything related to where your startup lays and have opportunities to meet up and share ideas with these people. Find your group, there are thousands to choose from!

  3. SPUR Community Our community is full of students just like you, riddled with questions, eager to share advice, and seeking ways to improve themselves as entrepreneurs. Join our family to stay in the loop! We are working hard to release our mentorship program and online curriculum, but it’s not too early to hop on the community and start talking to other studentpreneuers.
  4. City Newspaper Here in Dallas, we have great publishers like Dallas Innovates and Dallas News. This may be a great source for you to continually be in the loop of what’s happening in your city and how you can join in on the action. If an article really speaks to you, reach out to the author and introduce yourself. Be genuine! You’ve now made someone’s day and you have a connection for a possible story to be written about you when your startup begins seeing success.
  5. Be the captain of your ship It’s up to you to make shit happen. Waiting around will never get you anywhere. You are in control of your journey and where your business will go. We know it’s hard. We know some people have better luck than others. So, email people, re-email people, make phone calls, make prototypes with paper and glue, print flyers and put them on every car. You are able to do more than you think. When there are limits, get creative. When you think that you can’t, prove yourself wrong.


Hope this get you pumped during your days off!