Work on vacation without opening your laptop


You’re in the snow caps of Colorado, on a cruise the the Bahamas, wherever the summer has taken you, adventure awaits, but you don’t want to miss out on startup gains! Have no fear. Traveling and seeing the world IS working on your startup. You’re giving yourself a much needed brain break, spending time with those you care about, and learning in an entirely different way than you do at home.

So much can be gained from relieving your mind of your common daily routine and opening it up to new experiences and adventure. So learn how to gain the most when you are being the least hands on with your business. If you don’t believe this can be done, here are the simple ways to be on vacation but still impacting your startup without ever opening your laptop.


  1. Enjoy yourself

    First and foremost, remember that this is your vacation. You set aside this time and paid money to do this. So relax. Your mood will improve and you’ll become more energized to work on your business upon returning home. All you have to do is think about the rest of this stuff, and you’ll be set!

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  2. Understand what there is to gain

    Go in with an open mind that witnessing new cultures, trying new foods, letting go of all the stress can have a serious impact on your live. Not only are you learning new ways of life and the history behind it, you are building your self awareness and where you fit into the world. The way other groups have solved a certain problem their whole life may be different than how you’ve done it. Ask yourself why? Is it a regional thing? A social thing? Does it work better than how you do it? Can you carry these practices back home and apply it to your idea?

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  3. Take pictures

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    Going in with the task to take pictures should make you more observant and open to what is going on around you. Take your eyes of Twitter and look around. Observe the sights and sound and let it sink in that you are in a new place. Capture these moments for your own recollection as well as seeing what you can find on your trip that is photo-worthy

  4. Write down what you learn

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    On the plane ride, car ride, or hitch-hike back home, reflect one some things you learned on the trip. I challenge you to write down 3 things you learned and ask others around you to participate. It can be about what you learned while going on a hike, or what you learned about someone else on the trip, or something you think you could apply to your start up.