Why You Should Fail MORE

It’s WEEK 2 of Startup Nightmares! We are continuing to expose the lie that successful entrepreneurs are oddballs who dodged the realities life and got a free pass to a golden throne. That’s a total bonkers and you know it.

One of the biggest fears we have as entrepreneurs is the fear of FAILURE: The fear that holds us back from taking that first step. Our society conditioned us to avoid getting bumps and scars at all costs and despise having to fall and get back up.

Here’s the reality: Success is backed by so much trial and error, push back, bankruptcy.... you name it.

So chin up buttercup, and check out this video about why you should actually be failing MORE.

Believe us now? What else you got? Stay tuned while we continue to show you why fear is a natural part of entrepreneurship and how you can EMBRACE it. 

Everyone will fail. Everyone HAS failed in their life. Don't let your mind trick you that you’re the only one experiencing it. You’ve survived it before and you can do it again.


After all, fear is just: