Student of the Week: Tram-Anh Le


University of Texas, Dallas Founder, IcingAid

You started Charmant Sweets, are taking more startup courses, and are starting another venture, IcingAid. Why are you so passionate about becoming an entrepreneur?

“They say ‘hard work pays off’--and it's true!

But being an entrepreneur is a special kind of hard work. As an entrepreneur, you are not putting your energy into one specified duty, like you would in a normal job. You are involved in thinking through every aspect needed in a business.

You get to make an idea blossom and transform from day 1, and I think that's the coolest thing.”

What was your first sale?

"The first cake I ever sold was a Lego themed. It had extra-large Lego pieces made of cake and Lego construction worker toys climbing about it with Lego bulldozers. Really fun!"

With one successful venture under your belt, why do you want to start IcingAid? Where did your inspiration come from?

“The inspiration for IcingAid stemmed from my own issues with wanting to practice decorating techniques and not wanting to spend time, energy, and ingredients on baking an unneeded cake.”

So, this isn’t your first rodeo! How has SPURstartup helped you start IcingAid?

“SPURstartup has been extremely wonderful to me by providing constant accessibility to answers.

I never felt unsure or discouraged about continuing because SPURstartup was there every step of the way! Also, their encouragement and advice helped my idea evolve further as aspects I hadn't thought of were brought to light.

Thanks SPUR!” - you’re SO welcome!