Manageing scope creep, the key to tackling big ideas


This week is Dallas Startup Week. In the hustle and bustle of networking, brainstorming, and coffee-drinking, I had the chance to sit down with a local startup, Code Authority, and get their tips for being successful. Their key to success, managing scope creep. Projects get too big, features get added, and today- speed to market matters. Their advice for navigating through the chaos is to solidify your MVP (minimum viable product). An MVP is a product that takes least amount of time, money, and features to get proof of concept. “An MVP is essential to manage scope creep,” says Jason Taylor, the founder of Code Authority. “The opposite of an MVP is gold that stage, you’re just guessing.” Jason stressed that it’s human nature to want to gold plate and make everything perfect.

How do you combat the desire to gold-plate and stay focused on you MVP? He introduced two elements to define your MVP scope.

  1. User and Market Interviews- Actually get out and talk to your market. Test your assumptions.
  2. Proof of Concept- What prototype can you build that someone can interact with? Even if they’re wire-frames, you need to get your idea out on paper.

Managing project scope is hard. Companies of all sizes struggle with it! Our course, FirstGear, helps you define your market, conduct valuable interviews, and define your MVP. Sign up here!